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Opel Astra Coupé

Of course. The Opel Astra Coupé OPC Extreme is your dream. A non-payable dream. And will allways be. Well here is the alternative: the Opel Astra Coupé. You can make it faster and looks better in your own way. It's possible that some German designers will introduce an OPC Extreme kit in 2002... 


Mercedes CL 55 AMG

Mercedes about the CL 55 AMG: "This car takes a benchmark position among today's luxury coupes. In inimitable fashion, it combines superior driving performance with a timeless and fascinating exterior appearance as well as a luxurious interior." This CL 55 AMG is also equiped with a sunout film from SL-LLumar. 


Yes Clubsport 
This splendid sports car is the first car made by the new German manufacture called Yes. The clubsport with a maximum output of 285 bhp is in production from the beginning of 2001.

Saleen S7 
You like to drive in the exclusive way. No Ferrari, no Lambo. You want a Saleen. The S7. For many many dollars you'll be the lucky one. Topspeed: 200 mph.  

Spyker C8 Spyder 
This is the open two-seater C8 Spyder. The new sports car from the Netherlands. It's wild and exciting and Spyker is back in business.

Koenigsegg CCV8S 
The Koenigsegg CCV8S is a super sportscar with the speed of a formula 1. It's the fastest car in the world. Topspeed: 390 kph.


Ferrari 550 Maranello 
Presented in 1997, the 550 Maranello is one of the most exciting Ferrari's at the moment. Powerful, dynamic, stylish and - most of time - red. 


Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0
Once Lamborghini had a beautiful programm of cars. Nowadays the Diablo VT 6.0 is the only sports car made by Automobili Lamborghini. A masterpiece.

Maserati 3200 GT
L'emozione di sentire 370 cavalli agli ordini, said the Italian. We drove the 3200 Gran Tourismo and having 370 bjp at your disposal it's really a very nice emotion.

Aston Martin DB7
A real sports car with much English beauty. It's possible to make the DB7 at your own wishes. Every colour is possible. But, you have to bring much and much money with you.


The Z8 is one of the few cars which is build by hand. They only build 10 Z8's a day. He's based on the 507 from the 50's.

Bentley Continental SC
Walter Owen Bentley said: "I would like to make a fast car. A good car. The best car in the world!" The Continental SC is a good example of his wish.

TVR Chimaera 500
One of the finest sports cars is the Chimaera. The name is coming from the Greek mythology. It's a monster but a TVR on the road is a real monster. Very fast and with an acceleration that takes your breath away. 

Chevrolet Corvette
The dream of every young American citizen. After fifty years still in production and the car has even his own national museum. That's why this car is already a legend: the Corvette.

Lotus Esprit S4 
The English Esprit has an Italian look. Designed by Giugiario in 1980, the car is after all those years still a beauty with more spoilers, more skirts and ... more power. Also available with a V8 engine.  

Donkervoort D8 
Made in Holland: The Audi powered Donkervoort D8. 'Driving too fast is not allowed but it's not forbidden to accelerate too fast' is a very famous pronouncement made by the designer. 

Opel Speedster
The chassis of the Speedster is developed in cooperation with Lotus. The car is made of aluminium and carbonfibre. On the top of the dashboard you can find a button. Press it and the engine starts.

Bentley Hunaudières
In 1999 Bentley introduced a new project called: Hunaudières. This car has a W16-engine. That means 4 rows with each 4 cilinders placed in W-shape. For this engine they used two Volkswagen VR-8's. 

Jösse Car Indigo 3000
The Scandinavian dream of Jösse Car. The Indigo 3000 powered by a 3.0 litre Volvo engine, is a two-seated roadster and was presented at the Stockholm Auto Show in 1997

Lotus Elise 111S
The Elise is a fast sportscar. But if you look at the specifications you can't believe it. The car has an engine of only 1795 cc and 150 hp. But the weight explaines everything: only 670 kilos.


Mercedes CL600
You love Mercedes or you don't. But the CL600 is something different and with Braid wheels from Spain you can have a very special sporty Mercedes.

Bugatti EB 110SS
Ettore Bugatti is dead for over half a century but the spirit of 'Le Patron' never dies. This is an Italian Bugatti the EB 110SS from 1992 with 650 bhp.

Aston Martin V8 Coupe 
'The V8 Coupe is an Aston Martin in the grand tradition. The V8 Coupe is chosen for it's strong and eloquent identity by people who know precisely what they want', said an Australian salesman of Aston Martins.

Jaguar XK8 Coupe
The XK8 is the successor of the XJ-S and the legendary E-type. Who saw a XK8 in the street wants to have it. Who drove more than 10 miles, doesn't want to give it back.

Lotus 340R 
The 340R - also called the extreme Elise - is a road-going racing car. With a weight of only 568 kilograms and 179 bhp, this is one of the quickest cars in the world. Only 340 examples will be built...

Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron 
The EB 16/4 Veyron is one of the finest concept cars bearing the Bugatti label. This is a 2000 creation. And everybody is asking: When does the production of the new generation Bugatti's starts at last?

Honda NSX
NSX: an exercise in technological idealism with concrete results, this high-performance exotic coupe is a singular automobile for the true enthusiast.

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Venturi Atlantique 300
This car looks like the Lotus Esprit but it's the French Venturi Atlantique 300 from 1995. A two-seater with an interior of very great luxury. For the max power the V6 engine is equiped with 2 turbocompressors.

Jaguar XJR
The XJR sedan boasts a supercharged version of the acclaimed AJ-V8 engine; it's generates 370 horsepower. Superb handling and refinement are enchanced by an electronic automatic transmission with normal and sport modes and an unique racing-inspired suspension. Wheels are not standard (Braid).

Marcos Mantis
The flagship of one of the last remaining British sports car companies. is truly worthy of its position amongst the world's supercars. With its stylish but brutish good looks, stunning, stunning handling, reliability and phenonmenal power, the Mantis is one of the most exciting cars both on and off the track.


Dodge Viper RT/10
Very spectaculair are races on the track with a lot of Vipers. Enough power? For the new Viper RT/10 edition 2003, Dodge has equiped this powerful sports car with a 8,3 litre V10 engine. It has a maximum output of 500 bhp. Deliveries starting in the summer of 2002.

The Z9 Gran Turismo was the magnet at the IAA 1999. The outher skin consists of carbon, the framework of aluminium. Very spectaculair are the seagull doors. A year later we saw the introduction of the Z9 Convertible.

Ferrari 360 Spyder

This is the ultimate car for sunset boulevards. Slowly driving and be happy with beautiful girls. But if you're in a hurry the powerplant with 395 bhp will never disappoint you.


Jaguar XJ 220

This was a very prestigious project for the road. A very good investment at the time it was introduced but nowadays you can sell them everywhere. But still beautiful after all those years.


Jaguar S-type

The classic lines of the old S-type were translated into a new shape. Not everybody like this style but it’s still a modern Jag with an attractive body. We like it. To keep the body in a great condition you can use Diamond Brite by Jewel Ultra.

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