LASER F1 Alfa Romeo's 147 

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Laser F1 - Alfa Romeo 147

A new development from the world of racing, the LASER F1 sportexhaust, is now available for road cars too. LASER Sportexhausts is the first exhaust manufacturer to supply a stainles steel sportexhaust which can be adjusted to the drivers' preferences. 


The modular LASER F1 system with optional db killers, exchangeable muffler boxes and several tailpipe options, can easily be optimised to the demand of the driver. Optimal performance tuning and engine sound adjustment by modifying the exhaust is unique in the exhaust business.
Besides the Mini and Clio exhausts the LASER F1 is now available for the Alfa Romeo 147. The silent 147 does not only gain power but also gets a sporty sound which is so typical for fast Italian sportcars. The several round and oval tailpipe options even enable optical tuning with perfect fitting. 
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