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Exclusive 7 series stretch limousine by mutec

The new exclusive BMW 7 series stretch limousine by mutec embodies the timeless essence of true automotive beauty encapsulated in a precision crafted package.  This latest offering from mutec, Oberstenfeld Germany, can fulfill the highest demands and standards of the most affluent connoisseurs world wide including USA, Asia and the Arabic Peninsula.


The top percentile of the population demands generous accommodations and a dedicated chauffeur while traveling.  The mutec 7 series, based upon the BMW 745i, has been lengthened by just over 1200 mm, to a total of 6250 mm creating ample space for the discerning customer, over 100 mm longer than the Maybach.  With the added length, the mutec 7 weighs in at 2460 kg, and power output of the 5.0l motor has been upgraded to match, now rated at 408 HP which powerfully turns the new 21 lightweight alloy wheel package. 


Elements of style and elegance adorn the interior of the exclusive automobile. The passengers take a seat in the spacious back, which is separated by a divider from the driver. Instructions relayed to the driver through the integrated intercom system if needed from the two comfortable power adjustable seats that are situated facing each other. Only the finest quality materials are used in the mutec 7, from the full leather upholstery with Connolly leather accents to the Alcantra linings on the headliner and instrument panels combine to create a unique harmonic feel of pure luxury.


Time is money! Fax, two phones, laptop and a satellite receiver equipped with Internet access, the mutec rolling office offers all modern conveniences. At the end of a successful business day a refreshing cold beverages can be found in the refrigerator, which is integrated with the traditional mobile bar. 


The darkened side windows with adjustable shade provides privacy when required, and the rear camera allows you to view outside of the vehicle while remaining anonymous and unobserved. 


For longer rides a multiplicity of multimedia devices provides the ultimate in relaxation and entertainment. The DVD-changer creates a cinema atmosphere and provides an individual viewing pleasure with an individual screen per seat. Cinema quality sound is provided by the extensive sound system with CD changer. Not to be forgotten is the ultimate in gaming pleasure, the Sony PlayStation.


The Ultimate stretch limousine by mutec is available starting at 250 000 Euro for individual production with your choice of colors and finishes.



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