Carzone Specials new bodykit for Opel Corsa C


Giving Opels perfect city-car the restyle it needed to get it at the forefront of the modified car scene, was not an easy task for the designteam at Carzone Specials in Belgium. "The greater the challenge the greater the reward" was the motto when starting the Corsa C project, and the result proofs that they got what it takes to transform any given car to an eye-catching competitor in the European show-off`s and street-cruises. 

The bodykit consists of a complete front- (with integrated grille) and rear- bumper replacement joint together with the side skirts. Of course they didnít forget the rear and added lightmasks and a roofspoiler to finish it.  Moving up in the available Carzone Specials bodykits for Opel from their first designs for Astra and  Corsa B to the Corsa C this latest creation from Carzone Specials will surely not be the last to come and rejoice all Opel tuning enthusiasts in the world. 









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