Not brand new but quite impressive are the 22-inch wheels introduced by the German Off Road specialist delta 4x4.


The first car which was be equipped with this wheel was the Mercedes ML followed by the BMW X5, Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer and Range Rover. A cooperation between delta 4x4 and Dunlop Germany made this possible. Dunlop tires will deliver the tire 285/30-22, the first street legal tire for SUV in 22-inch. The alloy wheel, which is very open designed has passed the fatigue-tests of the German testing authority without any problems. Road tests have convinced the testing-company, that the new wheel/tire combination will not change the harmonic street handling of the SUV. The price of a set of 4 wheels and tires will be 6900 Euro. For further information look at For Belgium please contact Atraxion Offroad Carstyling at and for Holland please contact Reedijk Bandenservice BV at




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