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996 Octane from FVD

The Porsche tuners from Umkirch/Freiburg, Germany have designed a new package available for the 996, the latest version of the 911.

With this 996 Octane, FVD has improved on the sporting performance of the Porsche trademark. The complete styling package retains the style of the original prototype of the then-still-secret Porsche 996 turbo, and offers each 996-driver the opportunity to update his Porsche immediately. The Octane styling kit creates powerful lines that culminate in the striking rear spoiler, a very sporty design, which fits well with the style of the 996. The large-scale rear spoiler, made of high-quality ABS-plastic, costs 4.900,- DM. The transformation is completed with the side skirts for 1.750,- DM and the front spoiler for 1.380,- DM. To complement this styling kit, FVD offers an RS-design, 3-piece lightweight alloy wheel, 9x18" on the front and 11x18" on the rear. The complete wheel-and-tire package is available for 9.800,- DM. The FVD-Sport suspension package, with Bilstein shock absorbers, improves cornering ability and overall handling. The high-tech suspension is available for 3.250,- DM. The FVD Engineers were able to provide an increase of 20 horsepower, through an enhanced throttle valve and motor management system. The tuning package costs 4.900,- DM. To complement the sportier styling look, experience the exceptional sound of the FVD-sport exhaust system, with your choice of round or oval tailpipes, at the price of 2.500,- DM.

For the interior, FVD has created excitement through tri-colored leather. Everywhere you look, the instrument panel and seats are covered with the finest leather, for only 7.900,- DM. RS-shell seats are available for an additional 2.500,- DM each.

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